Thanks for your interest in writing a guest post for the Come Recommended blog.

First and foremost, we only review completed posts -- not headlines or concepts. Please follow the guidelines below and don't contact us separately to run an idea past us. Again, DO NOT EMAIL US TO ASK US TO REVIEW YOUR HEADLINE/CONCEPT.

We don’t like to decline posts, but it could happen. To avoid any rejection, follow these guidelines:
  • Present new ideas, fresh perspectives, and unique approaches. We like to present readers with ideas that we haven’t seen elsewhere online. When drafting your post, ask yourself the question ‘so what?’ What can you offer that will make the reader think? What haven’t they thought of or tried yet? Actually read our blog to learn what we've covered in the past.
  • All work must be original, provided exclusively to Come Recommended.
  • Everything must be properly cited – links, images, etc. Basically, we should be able to hit publish as soon as it arrives in our inbox.
  • Include a headline and a bio.
  • Do not focus on one industry or field. All of our posts are general when it comes to the field the job seeker readers are in.
What does it mean to be exclusive? In short, you wrote this post for us and only us. You didn’t submit it elsewhere with the intent of seeing who will pick it up first. You are welcome to write on similar topics elsewhere; however, the post that we run should appear only on our blog.
Our readers are mostly job seekers (many part of Gen Y, but not all) and occasionally some employers (hiring managers, HR pros, and recruiters). Topics we’re interested in include:
  • Job search advice
  • Job search success stories
  • Job search tools and technology reviews
  • Career management advice
  • Career management tools and technology reviews
  • Attracting, hiring, and retaining advice (for hiring managers, HR pros, or recruiters)
  • Hiring tools and technology reviews
Formatting and Submission
Write your post in a Word document and save it, please submit to us below. Make sure all links are active. And if you have an image, simply attach it during the submission process. Some things to keep in mind when formatting:
  • Bold your headline
  • Post length – 300-800 words
  • Keywords – write with a single keyword in mind. The keyword should be included in your headline, first paragraph, and final paragraph. (To help you optimize your post, we please create a free InboundWriter account and tweak your post until it scores in at least the yellow range -- preferably green.) 
  • Break up your post by using a bulleted or numbered list or subheadlines
  • Links – The only promotional link you are allowed to include is within your bio (see below for more details). The body of your post itself should not contain promotional links. If it does, we might reject your post altogether. Again, links need to be 100% relevant.
More About InboundWriter
We cannot stress enough the importance of creating a free InboundWriter account and drafting your post within their system. We use InboundWriter on our blog and will know immediately if you skipped this step. We want your post to do as well as possible, and using InboundWriter is really the best/easiest way to ensure that.
We reserve the right to edit all posts. For minor edits, we’ll make them without informing you first. On occasion, we’ll send a post back if we think it’s a good topic but could use more work. 
We want our readers to know who you are! Your bio should capture that in 2-3 sentences. This bio is also where you can show the audience what else you’ve done by linking to your blog, your website, your professional social media profiles, etc. However, we do ask that you only include two links at the most. Please write your bio in the third person.

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